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Everyone has some degree of psychic ability or intuition. Each person is uniquely equipped with their own set of abilities and the manifestation of those abilities. While this free psychic intuition test is not meant to be definitive, it can be a useful tool to aid in determining the level of your intuition and to what degree you are in tune with your natural psychic abilities.


Ask yourself the questions in the free psychic intuition test below. Keep track of each time you respond to a question with a “yes.” When you’ve finished answering all of the questions, count your “yes” answers. Find your total and its corresponding meaning toward the bottom of this page.

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___ 1. Do you experience the emotions of others as if they were your own?

___ 2. Do you ever experience a sudden and deep sense of being one with the life on this planet, with the Universe Itself, or with a Force larger than yourself that unites you with creation in general?

___ 3. Do you often experience being able to “hear” what someone will say before they actually say it?

___ 4. Do you often experience a sense of someone or something watching you?

___ 5. Have you ever avoided doing something or going somewhere because of an inexplicable sense of danger only to find out later that your decision indeed protected you from harm?

___ 6. Do you ever find that you have a peculiar and seemingly meaningless word, phrase, song or number repeating in your head, only to experience later events that directly reveal the meaning of the word, phrase, song or number?

___ 7. Do you ever experience strong and inexplicable feelings (things such as sadness, excitement, anger, revulsion, peace, joy, etc.) when meeting people and/or visiting locations for the first time?

___ 8. Do you believe that you are “ruled” by your emotions and/or do you believe that you feel things more intensely than those around you?

___ 9. Can you feel or sense changes in the weather before they happen and/or do strong weather patterns have an intense physical or emotional impact on you?

___ 10. Do you ever become suddenly impassioned or driven by a strong knowing that peace is possible and worth pursuing despite any obstacles?

___ 11. Do you ever experience the sensation that someone has entered the area you are in but then find that no one is there with you?

___ 12. Do you experience a physical reaction when someone is lying to you or someone else?

___ 13. Have you ever dreamed or had visions of a natural disaster or violent event that later came to pass?

___ 14. Can you see, or have you ever communicated with Spirit beings?

___ 15. Do you ever suddenly wake from sleep with the sense that something important has just happened, or that someone has been communicating with you?

___ 16. Do you ever feel that someone or something has moved through you?

___ 17. Do you “just know” when someone you know and are close with is ill or injured?

___ 18. Do you ever spontaneously respond to a person or a situation with words, information, and/or suggestions that you feel do not come from you?

___ 19. When you close your eyes do you see people, faces, or eyes looking back at you?

___ 20. Do you often see things (motion, color, shadows) with your peripheral vision (“out of the corners of your eyes”)?

___ 21. Do you ever find yourself doing something which, at the time, you have no discernible reason for doing only to discover later that what you did was necessary for the well-being of yourself or someone else?

___ 22. Do you feel you are you able to draw or “pull” psychic and/or healing energy from outside sources?

___ 23. Do you often know the outcome of situations or events before they occur?

___ 24. When thinking about past experiences in your life, do you find that as you recall the events you also “re-live” the emotions just as you experienced at the time they originally occurred?

___ 25. If you are around someone who is in a particularly negative mood, do you find that your mood will soon match theirs despite your attempts to control it?


An Intuition Test Score of 1 – 6

If your score was between one and six, you have limited awareness of your intuition. You would benefit from learning to trust yourself and opening more to your instincts.

An Intuition Test Score of 7 – 15

Your intuition is active and you’re probably aware of it, but there is room for improvement. Your natural psychic ability can be developed and strengthened.

An Intuition Test Score of 16 – 20

You’re very much in touch with your intuition and, most likely, you’re used to relying upon it to navigate your life. You may want to consider psychic development classes to further develop your natural psychic abilities and fine tune your intuition.

An Intuition Test Score of 20 or More

You’re gifted and keenly aware of your intuition. You’re an excellent judge of character and you trust your instincts, relying upon them regularly. Others most likely sense this about you and may often come to you for your advice or seek out your opinion when making major decisions. You may want to consider further psychic ability testing to determine your precise gifts and how to best use them. You may also be well suited for a career as a Spiritual Counselor or Advisor.

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Free Intuition Test To Help You Determine Your Level Of Psychic Intuition  by Real Clairvoyant Psychic, Rev. Jordyn Morrison Clason, Ph.D.

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