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Test Yourself For Free and Discover Your Primary Psychic Expression

Everyone has some degree of psychic ability or intuition. Each person is unique in their psychic abilities and the expression of them. While it is not meant to be definitive, this free psychic ability test can be helpful in determining what is your primary psychic expression / psychic ability.

Directions For Free Psychic Ability Test

Read through the following questions and place a check mark next to the number of each question to which you respond with a “yes.”

When you are finished, look at the check marked questions and determine which category the majority of your answers fit into. Categories and corresponding numbers are listed below, after the questions.

It is common to have “tied” or split results. This simply means that your unique psychic abilities manifest and display in a combination of psychic expressions.

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Free Psychic Ability Test
What Is Your Primary Psychic Expression (Psychic Ability)?

___ 1. Do you experience the emotions of others as if they were your own?

___ 2. Do you ever experience a sudden and deep sense of being one with the life on this planet, with the Universe Itself, or with a Force larger than yourself that unites you with creation in general?

___ 3. Do you often experience being able to “hear” what someone will say before they actually say it?

___ 4. Do you often experience a sense of someone or something watching you?

___ 5. Have you ever avoided doing something or going somewhere because of an inexplicable sense of danger only to find out later that your decision indeed protected you from harm?

___ 6. Do you ever find that you have an unexplainable word or phrase repeating in your head, only to experience later events that directly reveal the meaning of the word or phrase?

___ 7. Do you ever experience strong and unexplained feelings (things such as sadness, excitement, anger, revulsion, peace, joy, etc.) when meeting people and/or visiting locations for the first time?

___ 8. Do you believe that you are “ruled” by your emotions and/or do you believe that you feel things more intensely than those around you?

___ 9. Can you feel or sense changes in the weather before they happen and/or do strong weather patterns have an intense physical or emotional impact on you?

___ 10. Do you ever become suddenly impassioned or driven by a strong knowing that peace is possible and worth pursuing despite any obstacles?

___ 11. Do you ever experience the sensation that someone has entered the area you are in but then find that no one is there with you?

___ 12. Do you experience a physical reaction when someone is lying to you or someone else?

___ 13. Have you ever dreamed or had visions of a natural disaster or violent event that later came to pass?

___ 14. Can you see, or have you ever communicated with Spirit beings?

___ 15. Do you ever suddenly wake from sleep with the sense that something important has just happened, or that someone has been communicating with you?

___ 16. Do you ever feel that someone or something has moved through you?

___ 17. Do you dream of events that later come to pass?

___ 18. Do you ever spontaneously respond to a person or a situation with words, information, and/or suggestions that you feel do not come from you?

___ 19. When you close your eyes do you see people, faces, or eyes looking back at you?

___ 20. Do you often see things (motion, color, shadows) with your peripheral vision (“out of the corners of your eyes”)?

___ 21. Do you ever find yourself doing something which, at the time, you have no discernible reason for doing only to discover later that what you did was necessary for the well-being of yourself or someone else?

___ 22. Do you feel you are you able to draw or “pull” psychic and/or healing energy from outside sources?

___ 23. Do you often know the outcome of situations or events before they occur?

___ 24. When thinking about past experiences in your life, do you find that as you recall the events you also “re-live” the emotions just as you experienced at the time they originally occurred?

___ 25. If you are around someone who is in a particularly negative mood, do you find that your mood will soon match theirs despite your attempts to control it?

Free Psychic Ability Test Results: The Major Psychic Expressions (Psychic Abilities):

Empathy ( Questions: 1, 7, 8, 12, 24, and 25 )

Empathy is the ability to psychically determine (or read) what another person is feeling. Empathy can go far beyond simple sensing of emotion however. Most empaths also experience what another feels as if it were their own emotion. In general, empaths are prone to deep and intense emotions, are highly compassionate, artistic, humanitarians, comforters and care-takers. Frequently those gifted with empathy will pick up the “emotional residue” from other people, animals, and/or even areas without being consciously aware of it. While empathy is probably the most commonly occurring psychic expression and while it has many benefits, it can also be a challenging gift to live with. Many empaths who are untrained or unaware of psychic energies can struggle deeply, often feeling at the mercy of their emotions. It can be overwhelming because the empath experiences both the “positive” and the “negative” emotions around them. In general, empaths are counselors, healers, and/or teachers. They are passionate about serving others and meeting needs but tend to place the needs of others far above their own. People are frequently drawn to empaths as they can sense that the empath will know what they are experiencing and can potentially offer them unique support and healing. While very rewarding and beneficial, this can also overwhelm the empath because of the enormous emotional drains placed upon them and the confusion that can occur in discerning when the emotion the empath is experiencing is their own and when it comes from an outside source. It’s imperative for the empath to learn good grounding and psychic shielding techniques (also known as “psychic hygiene”) to aid in this discernment and to keep their energies balanced and healthy. It is all too easy for the empath to become burned out. Finding ways to support and nurture the self should be made a high priority. Basic psychic development classes are a great place to start to learn to maximize the benefits of empathy and to minimize the more challenging aspects. Empaths should also be particularly careful to avoid over indulgence in alcohol, drugs and food. Addictive behavior and resulting health complications can occur when the empath tries to ground and shield with escapism.

Channeling ( Questions: 2, 10, 16, 18, and 22 )

Channeling is often loosely defined as “the ability to tap into higher Spiritual energies.” Channelers are vessels for these energies which flow through them – sometimes at will and sometimes spontaneously. Channeling is a rare psychic expression and most channelers have many other psychic gifts present. Channelers are often recognized as “Old Souls” and people are naturally drawn to them because of the Wisdom that surrounds and flows through them. Most channelers stand out as children because of their quiet, contemplative, and inquisitive nature. An intense fascination with religious and Spiritual matters and a tendency to need time alone are also often present from a very early age. Of all the psychic expressions, it is probably most important for the channeler to find and receive proper guidance and training, however, this is usually not a problem as most channelers are drawn to these things instinctively and rarely reach adulthood without knowing of their gift. It is important to stress that channeling is not becoming “possessed by a spirit energy.” Rather, channeling is about having a strong connection to and being an instrument for Higher Spiritual Energies, or Universal Wisdom. The channeler is often also a medium (able to communicate with Spirit beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, and other beings) but channeling in itself is different from mediumship. While some channelers, who are also mediums, have the ability to open to spirit beings and allow communication to occur through them, all channelers are vessels for Universal Wisdom which flows through them to others. Understandably, many channelers are ministers, teachers, humanitarians, human and civil rights activists, and other types of Spiritual leaders.

Mediumship ( Questions: 4, 11, 14, 15, 17, 19, and 20 )

Second only to channeling in its rarity, mediumship is the ability to directly experience and interact with Spirit beings (those who have crossed over, Angelic beings, Ascended Masters, Guides, and other beings) and to facilitate communication between these beings and those who are currently incarnated. Mediums often have many psychic gifts present and may also be channelers (see above). Mediums experience and interact with other beings by means of one, several, or all of the psychic senses: visions (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), smell (clairolfaction), feelings (empathy), taste (clairgustation), and/or simple “knowing” (clairsentience, of which empathy is a part). Mediums are able to easily shift their consciousness between this realm and other realms (such as spiritual and astral, etc.). It is important for mediums to find solid support, guidance, and instruction as the gift of mediumship can cause one to feel isolated and overwhelmed. It is vital for mediums to care for their physical, emotional, and spiritual health as many are prone to illness due to the enormous drain on their bodies, minds, emotions, and energies. It is very common for mediums to also be involved in healing (traditional medicine and/or alternative methods). In childhood (and sometimes throughout life if left uneducated and untrained) mediums can be confused and even traumatized by their abilities because of the rarity of the gift, absence of support, and the lack of understanding often demonstrated by society. When trained, healthy, supported, and rooted in their own Spiritual belief system, mediums are instruments of great Spiritual and emotional healing, working with the bereaved, delivering messages of hope, encouragement, proof of life after death, and other forms of enlightenment to those they serve. Most mediums consider their gift a great honor and cherish their work.

Precognition or Prophesy ( Questions: 3, 5, 6, 9, 13, 21, and 23 )

Precognition (also known as prophesy) can be a very challenging psychic expression. Those who are precognitive have knowledge of events before they happen. This information can come to them by way of any of the psychic senses: visions (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), smell (clairolfaction), feelings (empathy), taste (clairgustation), and/or simple “knowing” (clairsentience, of which empathy is a part) and can be anything from knowing when the phone is going to ring, to prior knowledge of a birth or death, to foreseeing natural disasters and traumatic world events. Ironically, the foreknowledge itself is rarely, if ever, predictable. Most commonly, the person gifted with precognition has visions or dreams which later come to pass and when foreknowing does occur during waking hours, it is described as a sudden, overwhelming knowing, or “lightening strike” event. Those with this gift are often considered “extremely lucky” in childhood and early adulthood as they seem to always be in the right place at the right time. Many are able to make “snap decisions” that can be of great benefit to them and others around them. This is not luck, rather, it is their unrecognized psychic expression at work. Many struggle with precognition when things such as death, natural disasters, and traumatic world events are foreknown. Precognitive people are often people of extremes and have been described as: “introverted,” “quiet,” “worriers,” “watchful” and/or “on-guard.” Also common is hypersensitivity to energy fluctuations with atmospheric changes ranking high on the list.  Emotions, health, interests, and thoughts can seem to vacillate rapidly to the outsider. This is because the person with this psychic expression tends to function at a faster pace and usually has a higher base vibrational frequency. Precognitives are well suited for a wide variety of professions and tend to be perfectionists who often excel in their chosen field. Precognitives can be “high strung” with “serious” and/or “intense” personalities. Anxiety disorders and digestion problems can develop quickly when a precognitive person becomes unbalanced. Proper grounding is necessary to release the high amounts of excess energy generally experienced and especially that which is produced by large “prophetic bursts.” Precognitives can be confused and even traumatized by their abilities because of the intense and uncontrollable aspects of the gift, frequent absence of support, the condemnation that can be expressed toward them, and the lack of understanding and sometimes fearful reactions displayed by those close to them and/or society in general. Psychic development training is helpful in identifying and honing any other psychic gifts present and in providing crucial support. A solid foundation in one’s own personal religious or Spiritual beliefs is integral to maintaining balance and health.

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