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For useful information about psychics, mediums, the differences between psychics and mediums and psychic abilities or psychic senses, please choose from the topics listed below or simply scroll down to read all of the information on the page.

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What Is A Psychic?

What Are The Psychic Senses? What Are Psychic Abilities

What Is A Medium?

What Are Psychic Tools?

What About Prophesy and Predictions? What About Precognition?
Violet Petal Psychics Mediums Abilities

What is a Psychic?

A Psychic is a person who is sensitive to energy. Psychics can detect, interpret, and work with the energetic emanations around them without the use of the five ordinary senses. These energetic emanations can come from locations, inanimate objects, people, animals, etc. Psychics can possess any or all of the following psychic abilities / psychic senses:

Psychic Abilities | The Psychic Senses

~ Clairvoyance (clear-seeing) – Psychic Seeing or sight that occurs outside the range of ordinary visual perception. Psychic seeing most often occurs within the mind’s eye. Clairvoyants can see objects, people, auras, energy fields, Spirit beings and etc. that are not visible to those without clairvoyant ability. Some clairvoyants can also see “across time,” enabling them to “witness” past, future and present (taking place at a site other than where the clairvoyant can see with ordinary vision) events. While it is less common, some clairvoyants can psychically see with their physical eyes. Clairvoyance has an interesting and often conflicting reputation: it is simultaneously the most desired and pursued psychic ability (by those who do not have it and by those who are seeking out a psychic reader); the most commonly misunderstood psychic ability (even among psychics); the most faked psychic ability; and the most difficult psychic ability to live with (by those who posses it).

~ Clairaudience (clear-hearing) – Psychic Hearing or hearing that occurs outside the range of ordinary auditory perception. Psychic hearing most often occurs as a “voice in the head.” Some more advanced / trained clairaudients can hear Spirit with their physical ears, discern the gender of the speaker, identify accents, pitch, emotion, and even hear messages spoken in languages other than what the psychic speaks or has knowledge of. When the latter occurs the messages often have to be translated.

~ Clairsentience (clear-knowing) – Having knowledge or information that is obtained without the use of the ordinary senses and, often, without effort or intention. Clairsentience is most often described as “just knowing.” Empathy, psychometry, and intuition (“hunches” and/or “gut feelings”) are common examples of clairsentience. Clairsentience is the most common of the psychic abilities and most people demonstrate clairsentience to some degree within their lifetimes. Common examples of clairsentience range from: knowing the phone will ring just before it does, to a mother or father inexplicably knowing when a child has been hurt or is in need, to having a sudden and sometimes panicked urge to escape an area or event where a disaster is about to occur. Clairsentient information can be obtained through any of the psychic senses but the most commonly cited source of clairsentience is “feeling.” In many cases the psychic or medium cannot precisely identify how the information came to them.

~ Clairolfaction (clear-smelling) – Psychic smelling is one of the less common psychic abilities. When clairolfaction occurs, the psychic will smell odors which are not detectable by ordinary means. Smelling someone’s perfume, favorite flower, smoking tobacco, etc., are very common manifestations of clairolfaction. Many psychics identify clairolfaction as a psychic ability that can take some time to get used to as it can be overpowering. At times, psychic smells can be so strong that they cause physical pain for the psychic.

~ Clairgustation (clear-tasting) – Psychic tasting is another less commonly experienced psychic ability. It is probably best described as psychically experiencing the flavor of a substance without the presence of that substance in the mouth. This psychic ability will sometimes manifest in dramatic ways that (more often than not) surprise the psychic. Things such as: a sudden and dramatic surge of the overwhelming flavor of one particular and usually very distinct food (octopus, jalapeno, cinnamon, raspberries, etc.), the taste of medicine, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and a loved one’s favorite candy, etc. are good examples. This psychic ability is, in my experience, probably the least favored (by psychics) of the psychic abilities. With that said, it is usually incredibly accurate and effective.

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~ It’s important to note that not all psychics are mediums. ~

What Is A Medium?

A Medium is a person who is able to communicate with what are commonly known as “Spirit Beings” and mediums are able to pass this information on to others. All mediums are psychic and, most times, use a combination of their psychic abilities and Spiritual communication abilities to best assist those they serve. The purpose of a medium is to be the bridge between the physical realm and Spiritual realm; between this dimension and other dimensions (depending on the point of view / belief system of those involved); to facilitate communication between beings from these realms (or “dimensions”) and to provide evidence of the continuation of life after the transition commonly known as “death.”

Psychics and Mediums can come from any religious background or any Spiritual Path and vary widely in practice, method, technique and approach.

RavenStanding Psychic Medium Abilities

~ It is important to note that all mediums are psychic and can possess any or all of the psychic abilities / psychic senses listed above.~

What are Psychic Tools?

Many psychics and mediums use psychic tools. Runes, I-Ching, Tarot Cards, pendulums, crystals, various forms of scrying, etc., are all examples of psychic tools. Some psychics and mediums use no tools at all. A psychic tool is merely an aid that the psychic uses to focus upon when performing a reading and deciphering energy and information. Which psychic tool is used (if any) is nothing more than a matter of personal preference and the belief system of the psychic and/or medium. When psychic tools are used, the practitioner relies upon their innate psychic abilities | gifts as a medium to interpret information and possible application/s suggested by and/or from within the psychic tool they are using. Psychic tools are not “magical” or “possessed.” Much like paints and brushes are tools employed by an artist; the ability to produce art comes from within the artist, not from the tool. So it is with psychics and mediums who use psychic tools. Petal Psychics Mediums Psychic Ability


What about Prophesy and Predictions? What about Precognition?

Some psychics and mediums have the gift of prophecy ( also known as precognition ) and will make predictions about possible future events. Many psychics and most mediums are uncomfortable making these predictions and will refuse to do so. This is something that varies depending upon the individual, their training, gifts, and comfort level.

When a psychic or medium does make predictions it is important to keep in mind that this is not an automatic guarantee of what will come to pass.  Almost anything that can be foreseen can be changed. The free will of the client (who always has the power), the choices they make, and the nature of life itself can alter the course of a person’s Path. An experienced, ethical, authentic psychic or medium will take the time to explain that any prophesy or predictions they may make during a reading are (simply put) the most likely outcome based on the current energy patterns and information available at the time of the reading. It is also important to keep in mind that prophecy and prediction rarely make up the largest part of any psychic or medium reading.

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