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The Meaning of Repeating Numbers

The Meaning of Numbers
Numerology | Repeating Numbers
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I Keep Seeing The Same Number Everywhere. What Does It Mean? | Messages In Numbers | The Meaning Of Repeating Numbers

Dear Jordyn,

I keep seeing the same number everywhere I go. The time of 11:11 seems to keep getting my attention. Is this a sign of my Spirit Guide or…? What does it mean when I keep seeing the same number?


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Hello and thanks for writing to me with your question about the meaning of repeating numbers.

More and more people are reporting occurrences of repeating numbers that seem to show up wherever they go – from digital time displays (as you describe), to license plates, to the total amount of their grocery bill and everywhere in between.

Often times, when our intuition (or Inner Guidance) wants to get our attention, it will communicate with our conscious mind through the repetition of symbols. Sometimes these symbols come along with more direct messages but most of the time the communication is subtle and it will repeat until it has our attention and/or until we get the message.

It’s easy to become confused or uncertain when learning to interpret symbols. The primary reason for this confusion is the fact that symbols have both universal and individual meaning.

Let me give you an example…

The image of a lion might be interpreted by most people as a symbol of strength and majesty. To those from a Christian background, a lion might represent Jesus who is also known as “The Lion of Judah.” To still others, the lion represents Africa. However, to one person I know, a lion immediately brings to mind the importance of family. This is because she studies animal behavior and her “inner symbolism library” has stored the image of the lion with the importance of the Pride for the animal’s survival. Through these examples we can easily see how interpreting signs and symbols (including the meaning of a specific number or numbers) can require a bit of detective work.

When repeating numbers (or other symbols) get your attention, the universal meaning should be considered but special emphasis should always be placed upon what the number or the symbol means to you, as an individual. You might also consider the circumstances in which the number or symbol appears or repeats as this can offer further insight into its meaning.

Below are some universally accepted meanings for numbers. Consider them as a launch pad for your own interpretations. See what stands out to you as you read through the information. Ask your Inner Guidance for help and trust your intuition.


1 Independence, Focus, Individuality, Creativity, The Ego, The Self, Courage, Strength, Will.

2 Relationships, Union, Cooperation, Empathy, Diplomacy, Friendship, Romance.

3 Social Issues, Art, Expression, Motivation, Optimism, Humor, Spontaneity, Growth, Youth, Energy, Enthusiasm, Spirituality.

4 Order, Loyalty, Practicality, Determination, Tradition, Productivity, Realism, Security, Stability, Earth.

5 Freedom, Adventure, Adaptability, Travel, Progress, Sensuality, Excitement, Speed, Impulse, Risk, Change.

6 Balance, Love, Attraction, Generosity, Harmony, Community, Responsibility, Service, Domestic Issues, Conventionalism, Health, Nurture.

7 Spirituality, Wisdom, Understanding, Analysis, Originality, Knowledge, Eccentricity, Thought, Invention, Investigation, Observation, Occult, Mentalism, Psychic Ability, Intuition, Instinct.

8 Materialism, Power, Fanaticism, Zeal, Extremes, Management, Money, Organization, Judgment, Professionalism, Domination, Decisiveness, Leadership.

9 Humanitarianism, Selflessness, Compassion, Emotion, Generosity, Artistic Ability, Healing, Religion, Philosophy, Education, Inspiration, Creativity, Communication, Understanding, Social Matters.


11 Master Psychic, Illumination, Idealism, Wisdom, Higher Guidance, Enlightenment, Extremely Hightened Perception.

22 Master Builder, Creation, Practical Idealism, Material Mastery, Visionary, Philanthropist.

33 Master Teacher, Christ Energy, Martyr, Honesty, Master Healer, Devotion.

You might also benefit from a book on basic numerology. This will help you glean a better understanding of the meaning of numbers and associated symbolism in far greater detail than what can be covered here. I also offer a example of a numerology reading to give you a deeper understanding of what a numerology reading contains.

As you continue to explore and interpret the meaning of numbers, signs and other symbols in your life, trust yourself. If something stands out to you, you can trust that it has meaning for you.

Thanks for writing to me with a great question.

Numerous Blessings :-)

~ Jordyn


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Updated: May 19, 2014 — 3:56 pm

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