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psychic missing persons

My psychic journey involving missing person’s cases continues. I was going to do it as one blog entry, but decided it would have been too long for anyone to read! LOL I’m not implying my reader’s have a short attention span, just it is a separate case.

 · The people that have a child missing have to actively seek help from a psychic, it doesn’t just happen, psychics have to have contact with those parents and as their children are missing and there distraught with fear and worry I think asking to see a psychic is the last thing on their minds.

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One of the top psychic detectives in the world who starred in the TV series Sensing Murder, Pam teaches us about solving crimes & finding missing persons using intuitive ability-both the possibilities & the limitations. You’ll be captivated by Pam’s fascinating story of what led her into this calling.

The missing persons case surrounding Macin Smith has led his family. and anyone who may have some clue as to where Macin is have been contacted and interviewed. Homeless shelters, psychic mediums.

SYDNEY (AP) An Aboriginal elder, who claimed to have seen missing 6-year-old Kiesha Abrahams in a dream, led police to a corpse – but one belonging to a different missing person. woman thinks she.

I am in search for a top known psychic that has a proven track record in solving crimes and missing persons. My son dissappeared in 2005 and after reporting him missing to the Police, to date he has not been traced or found.

Psychic Investigators - Season 3, Episode 1 A psychic has been hired to help find a submarine that went missing last year with 44 people on board. The sub vanished on November 15 and was last seen 268 miles off the southern coast of Agentina.

Psychic Investigators are discussing psychic clues in missing persons cases. christine Sheddy, Caylee Anthony,Cherrie Mahan,Michele Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus and other Abductions.

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Pam: A psychic detective has so many roles, from helping with missing persons cases to helping identify suspects, vehicles, and weapons. There’s a whole range of things that a psychic detective can help with.