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reconciliation tarot spread

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Description: This is a nine card tarot spread that can be used to look at the possibility of a successful reunion for couples that have parted as well as the possibility of a successful reconciliation for couples that are still together but may be nearing breaking point. cards: The querent’s current position.

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If you’re asking questions about your relationship, the Reconciliation Tarot spread provides the answers! Will he return? Is it too late? Should I be open to the return of my ex? Fortunately, powerful insight is available to you!

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Tower Tarot Card Meaning: a difficult card always announcing endings, for better or for worse.. But if the Sun follows the Tower in your spread, the break up will be followed by reconciliation. In a reading not concerning love: woe and difficulties will be overcome and followed by peace of.

I’m very new to tarot and did a 3 card spread to gain more understanding into my relationship with a certain person. Before the reading, I decided the cards would tell me the appearance of the situation, the reality, and what was necessary to do right now.

If you define the King and Queen as you have, then a reconciliation is possible. However, the King isn’t the ruler of the suit. Tarot is matriarchal and the queen is the foundation of the family.

reconciliation tarot cards in love Best Tarot Cards for Reconciliation Temperance is a very important card in reconciliation readings, because it reminds you that your relationship is a combination of two people’s pasts, present, desires.

The end of relationship and chance for reconciliation spread. The end of relationship and chance for reconciliation spread.