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science behind mood rings

Mood rings are rings which have a stone or band that changes color in response to temperature. A mood ring is sort of a sandwich. The bottom layer is the ring itself, which could be sterling silver, but usually is plated silver or gold over brass. A strip of liquid crystals is glued onto the ring.

Please check out our blog How Mood Rings Work for more detail on the science behind mood jewelry. Not all rings change color as well as these designs. We only sell those that have excellent color changing abilities as that is the main feature of a good ring.

Mood rings can’t tell your emotional state with any degree of accuracy, but the crystals are calibrated to have a pleasing blue or green color at the average person’s normal resting peripheral temperature of 82 F (28 C). As peripheral body temperature increases, which it does in response to passion and happiness, the crystals twist to reflect blue.

Remember when mood rings were your must-have ’90s accessory?The science behind them is iffy at best, but it was still pretty cool to watch the colors change, thinking it was because you were.

Mood rings have been a staple of New Age spiritualism for decades. Whether you’re a true believer or simply interested in the novelty factor, the history and science behind mood rings are a fascinating look into the connections between our bodies and our emotions.

Nevertheless, its charm and unique science behind don’t seem to be anywhere near “boring”. These rings basically have a particular stone embedded in them which change their color according to your mood.

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MOOD RINGS Mood rings were invented in the 1970s and are still around today. A mood ring is a ring that changes color in response to the body temperature of the wearer. A mood ring is a ring that changes color in response to the body temperature of the wearer.

Mood rings are a fad from the 1970’s. The face of the ring changes colour, which is supposed to be indicative of your mood. These rings use the same technology as the temperature strips doctor’s offices and hospitals use for taking a patient’s temperature by the forehead. In this experiment students will test the validity of mood rings in.

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