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scolecite metaphysical properties

Healing Properties. Healing Properties: A quiet stone and a holder of white energies, Scolecite calms down the distressing emotions. It too emits a soothing vibe in the surroundings that travels all through the chakras in addition to the internal and external aura.

Scolecite Rods (India) – These are Scolecite Crystal Rods that may contain a fan-like cluster of singular crystals.. Scolecite works best on the Third Eye and higher Crown chakras, instilling a sense of peace and stillness to the mind and body. It is especially beneficial to those who are driven

Scolecite promotes contact with light beings, goddesses, gods and the angelic realm Scolecite allows you to gently open to your higher nature and the expanded realms beyond the physical plane. Its soft, peaceful energy invites interaction with other peace loving beings for the purpose of healing the Earth and humanity of violence and chaos.

 · Metaphysical Properties and Meanings for Healing Crystals, Gemstones and Tumbled Stones S Sapphire through sunstone. metaphysical healing lore says Shattuckite is a general health stone and helps to balance the spleen, blood to coagulate, throat and lungs, diabetes, calcium absorption and assists with all minor health complaints.

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Stunning Beautiful Scolecite Polished Stone. 1.75" x 1.75" x. 85" and weighs approx. Spiritual and Healing Properties of Scolecite Scolecite is a stone that awakens the heart and facilitates deep inner peace and spiritual transformation.

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soul sisters designs ~ Handcrafted healing crystal jewelry, accessories and decor to transform and uplift the spirit! Soul Sisters Designs Free resources with metaphysical healing properties of Scolecite, including Zodiac, Element, Chakra and Crystal Lattice/System.

Health & Healing: Scolecite has been used in healing for anything involving the circulation – including blood clotting and clogged arteries. In addition it is useful for mental imbalance, the healing of bruises and eye, lung and spine conditions. Home & Work: It helps promote understanding and tolerance within the home and the workplace.

Scolecite was first recognized as a mineral species in 1813 in Germany, and named ten years later. It generally grows in delicate, needle-like sprays, fibrous or puffy sprays, or even in larger, blade-like crystalline formations.