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spirit visitation

A spirit in visitation may contact the investigator with a message for them, or someone else, this may just be to let you know that they (the spirit) is Ok, to give help or guidance, or to comfort you in grief, or even just to check on you from time to time. Spirits in visitation are often very eager to let you know that they are there and very much still with us.

Note from Amanda: You’re tuning into the most popular articles on my blog, thank you, reader. If you’re new here after you’re finished reading this one, make sure to check out all my newest articles here before you go, now onward:. Once you identify when and how your loved ones will likely visit you, you’ll be increasingly more aware and prepared for the next time your loved ones want to.

The interesting way the spirit in this example chose to communicate with me and the positive results of the situation further validated this experience as a true, spirit visitation. I am also happy to share that when I checked back with my client a few months later, she reported that there was no longer any spirit activity in her home.

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Visitation of the Holy Spirit by Sister Prema Pelletier. Many things continue to happen since that wonderful visitation by the holy ghost. people have been healed and continue to be healed, to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.