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the emperor reversed

All Tarot Card images are taken from the Pictorial Key to the Tarot by W.Rider published in December 1909 by the publisher William Rider & Son of London, England, and are therefor public domain.

The Emperor’s Meaning. Counterpart to the Empress, the Emperor is signifies a powerful influence, generally male in nature. This can also include concepts in your life historically considered masculine, such as leadership and authority, self-discipline, and stability through the power of action.

– Garret Jurss, Biddy Tarot Community Member "I was definitely a beginner when I enrolled in the Biddy Tarot Certification Program. I’d never read for anyone else and felt the need to have my definition book or the computer right by my side whenever I had my cards out.

The Emperor is the counterpart of the Empress and symbolizes a powerful influence, usually of a masculine nature. Read on to discover the emperor Tarot card meanings in the upright and reversed positions in terms of love, health, work and money.

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Card 4: The Emperor - Rulership Reversed Cards. When you shuffle the tarot cards, they often end up facing in different directions. So far, I’ve suggested that you ignore this effect and simply turn the upside-down cards around.

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Emperor tarot card meanings reversed. emperor tarot card reversed denotes someone with a childish streak, inconsistent and unpredictable. If Emperor reversed represents the Seeker it can mean something is blocking the energy that gives the person authority.

Introduction: The Emperor in reverse can tell us that we are giving our heart more credence than what our mind and logic is telling us. In general that is not a bad thing; but ideally we would be balancing both. Use your mind AND your heart, this reversed card tells us.

The Emperor reversed can also indicate a father figure who let you down or abandoned you. If not representing a person in your life, The Emperor Tarot reversed can indicate that you are letting your heart overrule your head too much and need to balance your mind with your emotions.