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the sun tarot keen

The Sun Tarot card represents the ultimate power in its purest form. It is the sun’s energy that gives life to all creation. When the Sun comes up in a reading it reminds you that you are also intimately connected to your Divine source, making you a co-creator of your own destiny.

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The Sun is closely aligned with The Hermit. Where The Hermit is alone and carries his light (representing enlightenment) in a lantern for his own use, in The Sun card, the light is an inspiration for all to see. The Hermit is numbered #9 and The Sun follows it as Tarot card #19.

The Sun is one of the greatest symbolic representations of growth and life, providing the tools necessary for all living things to flourish. A series of images are present on the Sun Tarot card including a child riding on a white horse, a collection of sunflowers, a flowing orange banner, and the Sun itself.

The Sun Reversed Tarot Card . Tags: tarot, card, deck, reversed tarot, sun, reversed keen category: tarot advice The Sun Reversed Tarot Card. The Sun tarot card is, overall, a very positive sign.Things are going well and you’re enjoying a lot of freedom.

Tarot The Sun The appearance of The Sun in your reading is a great sign. This card is all about fun, warmth, optimism and success. It tells of a great time in your life.. The sun tarot card meaning. Last Updated on May 25th, 2018. What is the meaning of The Sun in a reading?

Sun Tarot Card Meaning sun card symbols. The Sun, one or two naked children (a naked little boy, sometimes riding a white pony or a boy and a girl), sunflowers, often a wall, sometimes a red banner.

The Sun Tarot Card. Keen Category: Tarot Advice. Have you been feeling revitalized?. each has an influence that changes the meaning of every other card just a little. Sun Tarot Card Meaning – Tarot Cards, Meanings, Sun Tarot Card Meaning Sun Card Symbols. The Sun, Learn the Sun tarot card meaning and the rest of the card meanings.

Free 3 Card Tarot Reading The Sun Body. Physically this card represents vitality and dynamic energy. Focus on purifying the body with excellent nutrition so that you can function at peak energy.