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the tower tarot

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This depiction of the Tower from Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong is a perfect illustration of your choices when dealing with a tower situation. The upright image shows the tower de-constructing, but in an almost orderly way.

She set up the appointment and I washed up at her tarot card reader’s Manhattan apartment. She laid out the cards in a cross and tower as we made small talk. I could see a number of knights, a.

The Tower Tarot Card Description. The Tower card depicts a high spire nestled on top of the mountain. A lightning bolt strikes the tower which sets it ablaze. Flames are bursting in the windows and people are jumping out of the windows as an act of desperation. They perhaps signal the same figures we see chained in the Devil card earlier.

TOWER THEATER: 69th and Ludlow streets. Acoustic Sundays on the Patio, Sundays; tarot card readings, Mondays; trivia, Wednesdays; Party for the Planet, April 20. THE UNDERGROUND: 408 W. Main St.,

Tower Tarot Card Meanings and Description The Tower shows a tall tower perched on the top of a rocky mountain. Lightning strikes set the building alight, and two people leap from the windows, head first and arms outstretched.

The Tower Tarot Meanings – upright and reversed – Major Arcana. 16 – The Tower Tarot Card Meanings- Upright. ELEMENT: FIRE. The Tower tarot card is about a sudden change, something you didn’t expect. It can be a positive or negative message but you didn’t see it coming.

universal angel cards Life is full of these moments and I think it speaks to the universal themes of discomfort and curiosity. to things I loved as a teenager like “No Exit,” “Exterminating Angel,” “All That Jazz,” “Jo.

The Tower can be a frightening card to see in a reading, and you are being encouraged with this, and any other frightening card, to rest assured that all events in life arrive with a purpose and a lesson. Also rest assured that nothing lasts forever, so this one event this card signifies is merely that, one event in your life, not, your whole life.

The tower. keywords: sudden change, pride, houses and buildings, liberation! astrological correspondence: mars The Tower card first and foremost illustrates that neither physical nor emotional structures that we build are permanent and stable; instead, they can be destroyed suddenly, thereby initiating change that we have tried to avoid.