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the world reversed

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21 – The world tarot meanings – Upright . ELEMENT: EARTH. The World tarot card is about accomplishment, completion and about achieving your goals. This tarot card is the last card of the major arcana and the end of the last cycle. The Fools journey is complete and so this also is the start of something new.

relationship crossroads When you are at a crossroads in your relationship. The truth is that sometimes relationships run their course.As frightening and painful as that may feel, it is important you avoid being scared of going separate ways with someone who once meant the world to you.

The World (reversed) Meaning – in General. The World card when reversed implies a false sense of completion. You may feel as if you’ve recently accomplished something, giving you the opportunity to sit back and wait for the plaudits.

Tarot Meaning: When the World appears in reverse, you may find that although there is a great. tarot card interpretation & Meaning – (21) The World Reversed .

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Reversed World in a reading Like many reversed major arcana cards in the tarot, the World card carries an opposite meaning when in the reversed position.

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The World (R) – Your movement and growth have been slowed down to the point of being stopped because of your refusal to explore new horizons. You are experiencing information "overload" which is creating confusion and indecision.

If you have earned success, The World Card Reversed can warn that it is not a time to rest on your laurels for you may be caught on the hop and get left behind.