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 · SoO0.. I’ve been doing daily microdosing with 1p-lsd (lsd-25 derivative still fully legal in much of Europe in 2016) since almost a year. My preferred dose is very low, about 6 microgram (halving a 100µg trip repeatedly until you have 16 square pieces gives approximately 6.

i have had this three times in my life today at age 60 but the other two when i was a teen ager then a twenty 8 yr. old they are always painless and interesting my old opthomologist said they were spiralling coen chyma or such to take some brandy and relax they were caused by high stress today i was ultimately majorly stressed alas i believe it is just an eye migraine and since no problems for.

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is the whole concept of the third eye real? our brain has a pineal gland but its no activated. why not? could there be more to what we really know? i know the third eye is a concept from another reilgion i think buddhism not sure, but why does everyone have a pineal gland in there brain? any comments or arguments about this?

11 SIGNS YOUR THIRD EYE IS OPENING! . Billie Eilish, greta van fleet, Smashing Pumpkins, Third Eye Blind, Young. KROQ Almost Acoustic christmas 2018 los angeles The Forum.

I am a die hard third eye blind fan! i seen them tour with the goo’s and vanessa carlton in wisconsin. the best experience i have ever had! i gotta hand it to stephan jenkins and his crew, their music is better than any music around, just listen to their words! hopefully they will be around many more years.

The third eye, aka pineal gland is not a Christian concept . It is however, a familiar theme in some Eastern religions, and the new (old) age movement. Just my experience: its usage in meditation and attempted ESP or out of body experiences only results in demonic activity.

Item #: SCP-131 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: No special safety procedures are to be taken with SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B. They are free to travel about Site-19 so long as they do not attempt to enter any restricted areas or attempt to leave the facility.

The pineal gland is your third eye, and unfortunately it becomes weakened as you get older. Why? Calcification is a big player. Too much fluoride, and too much calcium intake, and not enough iodine. I’m no scientist, but out of the research and personal tests, I have found that its possible to reach that state of childlike-wonder again.

wheel of fortune tarot card The Wheel of Fortune card is full of symbolism and iconography. At its center is the wheel of fortune itself, which represents luck, chance, and the cycles of life. On the wheel are the letters TARO, and in between these are the Hebrew letters that spell out YHWH, or God of Israel.