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universal angel cards

He is often referred to as the Blue Angel or the Blue Ray because the color blue is the frequency he emits and attunes to. Look up at the sky and feel the peace and clarity He brings. Jewels of peace I bestow – From the sky above, are cast oceans of love. "These cards are a perfect way to start each day. " ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

Card 2: What you want most right now The Magician. What you most want is a new love in your life, and when The Magician appears, a new love affair or perhaps a rekindled affair is at hand.

These cards will fit in a wallet where business cards are kept or can be placed in a small acrylic frame for desktop display or inserted in an acrylic keychain frame. Pass it on Message Cards come in such a great variety of themes, that you could find a design suitable for any occasion.

Modern-day iterations are often angels and fairies, rosy-cheeked children and big-skirted. history and a determined boundary-pusher at the potter’s wheel. Her calling card is a method of creating.

Life is full of these moments and I think it speaks to the universal themes of discomfort and curiosity. to things I loved as a teenager like “No Exit,” “Exterminating Angel,” “All That Jazz,” “Jo.

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Angel Readings from your Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides Angel Oracle Cards – Ask Up Stairs. Angel Readings. Welcome to Ask Up Stairs, your personal stairway to direct communication with your Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

This edition also offers additional blank cards so, if desired, you can personalize your deck of 92 cards with other messages that are meaningful to you. A timeless tool of personal inspiration and healing. This set includes the full universal cards book and 92-card set in a luxe gift box.

LT’s World Famous Universal 6 Card Spread 6 cards from the Major Arcana This is a good reading to simply ‘get a snapshot’ of how things are with you generally, at this moment in time.

serena powers tarot An informative, funny and unusual guide to divination and fortune-telling including free instant readings using dice, dominoes, chien tung and mah jongg. find out how to use palmistry, face reading, body reading, podomancy, kumalak, astrology, geomancy, lunar phases, tarot and playing cards and much, much more.soulmate psychic connection Because of your connection you will feel her presence around you. She knows how much you love and miss her, you were soulmates and nothing will ever change that. Often, those left behind feel a.