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what does a silver aura mean

People with silver in their Aura are highly imaginative and inventive which is a wonderful pairing for setting and achieving goals. people who have silver in their Auras are trustworthy and honest and value those traits in others. People with silver in their Aura are bestowed with sensitivity, intuitiveness, psychic ability and practicality.

A silver aura also means that you have angelic presence in your life, and that you are.

Ok i have a silver aura aswell, and it is believed to be the third rarest Aura ever. Gold is the second rarest and black the first. The rarer your Aura the more powerful it is. Your friend maybe got freaked out cause he could feel the power radiating off of you. It is also believed that if you have a powerful Aura you should try to use it like.

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These Silver tongued rogues often have a quick wit and nimble fingers with a gift for sleight of hand. They can seem charming, but may in fact be cold and unprincipled. This is, however, a rare pattern. Pathway: Too much diffuse magical Silver in the aura can reflect a lack of grounding due to excessive contact with the spirit realm.

 · What Does It Mean To Have A White Aura?. What Does A White Aura Represent? Having a white aura can be particularly interesting because unlike other types of auras it can have multiple meanings – it is said that a white aura can be both a beginning and a destination. A white aura is quite uncommon and is a representation of someone who has.

 · Silver Or Gold. The presence of silver indicates an abundance of wealth, power, and energy. They may be coming in to a lot of money or awakening to a new and uplifting perspective towards life. A gold aura means that an intense spiritual development is.

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Silver aura meaning: silver is the colour of spiritual and physical abundance. silver colour aura also reflects the awakening of the cosmic mind.