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what is spiritism?

A comprehensive website all about Spiritism, as codified by Allan Kardec. Visit to learn what Spiritism is all about!

Interest in spiritism is reflected in such activities as astrology, witchcraft, and the occult. In many parts of the world, people try to communicate with wicked spirits with the help of a psychic or a witch doctor.

Spiritualism fared better in Britain, especially in the 1950s after the repeal of the witchcraft laws, which had been used against mediums quite apart from any charges of fakery. It had its greatest success in France and Brazil, where it was known as spiritism and incorporated the idea of reincarnation. So successful has the movement been in.

What distinguishes Mr. Beauvoir is that his insider’s knowledge and direct participation in Haiti’s spiritism is combined with an ability to interpret this world through Western eyes. His life also.

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Spiritism has come at this time – now that people are mature enough to understand it – to complete and explain what Christ touched upon only lightly, or spoke about only in allegorical form. Of course, you will say that the responsibility for this belongs to the Church.

Within this website you will find details on current activities, programming, information on spiritist movement, books and access to the principles of Spiritism.

We have activities in two Centres: Seed of Light in Maroubra and Sunflower in Brookvale

Question: "What is Spiritism?" Answer: Spiritism, as defined by its founder, Allen Kardec, is “a science dedicated to the relationship between incorporeal beings and human beings.” kardec was a French educator whose real name was Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail. Kardec codified the Kardecist Spiritualism Doctrine, the aim of which was to study spirits-their origin, nature, destiny, and.

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Spiritism is the belief in the existence of nonphysical beings, or spirits, that inhabit a spirit world. In the belief of spiritism people often try and contact the spirits, which can include people who have died. The contact is for various reasons: to learn about the future, to influence the.

Spiritism - Dr. Walter Martin It is known for its many mystical elements, as the writer tried to contact his daughter through Spiritism sessions. The castle now hosts a museum dedicated to the writer, who lived there from 1897.