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wicca circles

Casting a circle is very important for Wicca practitioners. You are very recommended to do it each time you work on a Wicca spell or energy. Some Wiccans do cast a circle for divination and dowsing too. Keep yourself safe. More Space in a Circle.

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About eight months ago, I started an affair with a casual friend who is in my husband’s social circle but lives on. Worried and witchy: I’m a Wiccan who lives in a small, predominantly.

Here's how to protect your energy and focus your intention by casting a magical circle before your ritual or spell.

The Smart Witch: Magic Circle and spells. magic spells are the deliberate and specific attempt to harness the Earth’s energy through a procedure or direction. Anyone can access the Earth’s Energy. The Magic practitioner must be certain on why a spell is to be performed and the goals it is to achieve.

Wicca, a leading Neopagan religion US Army chaplain’s handbook: Excerpt on Wicca. Sponsored link. The excerpt US Army prepared a book for the guidance of its chaplains when dealing with a soldier of a non-traditional faith.

yin and yang meaning in relationships Four Main Aspects of Yin and Yang Relationship . Yin-Yang are opposites They are either on the opposite ends of a cycle, like the seasons of the year, or, opposites on a continuum of energy or matter. This opposition is relative, and can only be spoken of in relationships. For example: Water is Yin relative to steam but Yang relative to ice.

Casting A Circle - Laura Daligan It has sometimes drawn criticism from religious and conservative circles for what they say is its focus on witchcraft. This latest incident comes as Poland’s influential Roman Catholic church.

Is Wicca witchcraft white or black magic or is there no difference? And is wicca witchcraft harmful and can it destroy the lives of practising wiccans?

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Greetings! I’m so glad you’ve found us! This site is designed to introduce you to the dynamic, Earth-centered religion known as Wicca.Wicca honors the life-giving and life-sustaining powers of Nature through ritual worship of the Goddess and the God, and a commitment to living in balance with the Earth.. Learning about and practicing Wicca is a process, and it involves taking part in an.

Casting a circle of protection is a way for Wiccans to protect themselves during magick work. It creates a high-energy space where you can safely carry out your .

A Wiccan of 25 years, Sage likes to put her background as a writer and teacher to use by helping people learn about this NeoPagan path. There is a benefit to developing a routine ritual opening and closing. When you do an entire ritual differently each time, you tend to focus more on following along.